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There is An Enormous Amount of Hot Rods That Are Owned By Women Today.

As women secure their prominence in everything from law to politics today, these ladies aren’t just going to stop with their professional career. They are ready to have equal rights and equal standing in every single industry, especially with the automobile market of our country. As a result, women are snatching up hot rods at a speedy rate, posting empowering photos with their new automobile sidekicks for the world to see.

As a car mechanic and sales engineer for the last few decades, I can confidently confirm that: Women in the past 10 years are owning more hot rods out in the world today.

What used to be a boy’s arena is stepping aside for the powerful ladies of today, determined to get their hands on beautiful, quality, and bold automobile statements that are going to turn heads.

Hot Rods and Custom Cars

Here on our website platform, we are committed to showcasing and placing a spotlight on the bad ass women out there, flaunting their hot rod investments. Since I know how integral women are to the greater American car industry, I believe it’s time that their affiliation and love for quality, custom cars be made apparent.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the women who support us, the industry, and our society as a whole. Our Hot Rods and Custom Cars are for the ladies, too. Step aside gentlemen! We welcome everyone here at Hot Rods and Custom Cars.

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